All-America Selections Trials

A summer review

In early August I attended the All-America Selections Summer Summit in Michigan. This summer meeting rotates around the country so that our AAS judges and industry members have an opportunity to view AAS trials in different climatic areas. This was the first year in Michigan, and it was a wonderful event! In a two day period we visited Michigan State University in E. Lansing, C. Raker & Sons in Litchfield, Elzinga Greenhouse in Kalamazoo, Mast Young Plants in Grand Rapids, and Frederick Meyering Gardens in Grand Rapids.

The various AAS flower, bedding plant and vegetable trials demonstrated how different organizations grow and trial their plant material. Even though judges only score based on the results of their own trial, looking at other trials helps round out the perspective of how a variety is performing overall.

There are some pretty interesting entries in the AAS flower trial this year. We turn in our summer trial scores pretty soon, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to blog to you about some potential winners in the upcoming months!


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