New and Upcoming Trends Spotted at the OFA Short Course

Trends are very important in any marketplace, and that is true as well in the world of ornamental horticulture. Here is what Michael Wells, our Garden Trends Marketing Manager spotted at the OFA Short Course this week:

At the OFA Short Course and throughout the trade show, many trends were apparent relative to food, small space gardening and sustainability.

As food is a priority in our lives, it wasn’t surprising to see that more garden centers are starting to offer gourmet food products along with fresh produce as part of their product line.  Some growers are adding produce field production to their operation while others are purchasing from other local farmers.

Small space gardening is hitting an all time high as both time and space are limited.  Raised beds and large containers of veggies have been seen alongside mixed containers of ornamentals.  One trend that is quickly spreading with women is Fairy Gardens.  These gardens are miniature habitats that may include houses, arbors, water features, seating and even tools that welcome enchanted fairies into your garden. 

Sustainability has really moved beyond a trend to a lifestyle, and many suppliers are using recycled materials now to develop containers and other everyday items.  Also consumers and garden centers are being creative and giving old items a new use… ladders may turn into shelving units and pallets could turn into vertical gardens! 

Trends come and go and we would love to hear what is causing a stir in your neck of the woods, or city block…



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