Spring Has Sprung…. Has It?

Back in early March we were experiencing record high temperatures across the country, giving everyone a premature taste of spring fever. This week it’s been a little colder than normal (at least here in Rochester), and although I’m itching to start planting my garden, the near freezing nighttime temps, tell me to wait, wait, wait.

Okay, if we have to wait, let’s whet our appetite a bit for some of that summer color we can look forward to in the very near future! I enjoy sharing our customers’ ornamentals growing experiences when possible, be they a home gardener or a professional grower, and thought you’d all enjoy the following commentary and pictures from one of our grower customers:

"I have owned a landscape business for 20 years. I built my first greenhouse on our property 7 years ago and started doing plant sales, the second greenhouse 2 seasons ago. My business is modest, but sales have increased every year about 50%. In that time I would say 90% of the seeds I have grown have come from Harris Seeds. Looking forward to next season."

Steve Schwab
Triple Diamond Yard & Garden

Holy Moly, look at the size of those containers!


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