California Spring Trials – An Annual Event

I know spring’s arrived when it’s time to head out to California for our annual spring trials trip. I’d noted in last year’s blog that while most gardeners are eagerly sowing, buying or planting flowers or ornamentals for their current spring and summer gardens, this trip really kicks off our company’s entry into the new growing season (2012-2013). It’s the event where we make final decisions on what new products to add to our product line up for both professional greenhouse growers and for our home garden mail order business.

Starting tomorrow, Dick Chamberlin (president of Harris Seeds, and our resident photographer!) and I’ll be trekking down the California coast, starting in Gilroy and ending up in San Diego. We’ll visit 13 different sites that represent about 20-25 different breeders. We’ll be making blog posts along the way about neat and interesting ornamentals that we come across during the course of our trip, so be sure to stay tuned!


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