A Testimonial of the Joys of Flower Gardening

We recently received a wonderful email from one of our customers and I thought you’d enjoy hearing her story about growing flowers from seed; how she’s using them at their resort; and how the experience impacts her daily life.

Dear Harris Seeds,

All the photos on our website are of the flowers I raise from seed from you at Harris Seeds. The only plants not from you are the spikes in the center of some of my flower barrels. All other flowers are from your catalog. I love the flowers I get from the little seeds. It is a great pastime to plan and watch them grow. I do all of the landscaping at my resort and use only your seeds. I enjoy working with flowers and I have already started planting for this upcoming year. I plant about 2,200 annual flowers for my resort for our guests to enjoy while they are here. I use all the flowers here, as it saves me money to raise them and is a great stress reliever for me. Nothing is more precious to me than to see such beauty that I have created from working with a little seed. The real joy is seeing the smiles from all our guests and the many comments on the beautiful flowers at our resort.

Glaciers' Mountain Resort, LLC, West Glacier, Montana

For more pictures, click here to go to their resort website.


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