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My name is Vicky Rupley and I am the Ornamentals Manager and Vice-President of Harris Seeds. For those of you who have visited the Harris Seeds company blog (launched in February, 2010), you may be asking, “What’s the difference between the two blogs?” The Harris Seeds company blog covers a range of topics that pertain to agriculture, our industry, and the Harris Seeds product categories such as vegetables, ornamentals, live plant material, growing supplies, etc. This new ornamentals blog focuses almost entirely on ornamentals. For simplicity’s sake we view ornamentals as flowering and or foliage plants that are used for ornamentation in the garden or landscape.

With so much to talk about, where does one start! You’ll find that most of the topics discussed in this blog will reflect our customers’ interest in ornamentals, and at times may be tailored towards professional growers, sometimes to the home gardener, or often to both. Regardless of your preference, I’m assuming that if you’re interested in this blog, it means that you love growing, working with, and being around plants.
Like many of you, I love working and playing with plants! At Harris Seeds we get involved in both the technical aspects of producing plants from seed or transplants, as well as how different varieties will perform and interact with each other and in the landscape. Personally, I’m drawn most to plant color, shape and texture, and how they look and interact with each other. So you’ll probably find a lot of discussion centered on those themes.

The business side of working in the seed and plant industry is also pretty intriguing and is really enjoyable. To see how varieties are bred and produced, and then moved along the market chain right up to the end user, is really interesting. On the personal side, our industry is composed of down to earth people who have the best interests of the customer in mind. They are knowledgeable, passionate about their product, often very humorous, and awfully fun to work with.

I’m so glad Harris Seeds sells both flowers and vegetables – there is a lot of truth to that old adage that while vegetables feed the body, flowers feed the soul. What a great combination! Take a look at the picture attached – don’t you think it illustrates that feeling of true joy that flowers can bring to us?

So once more, welcome to our new blog for ornamentals. There is much more to come. Stay tuned!


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I purchased wave petunia seeds ( pelted and not) and planted them over 3 weeks ago in the greenhouse and covered as well with plastic wrap. Followed the instructions for planting. No germination occurred. Wasted $104.00 . Do you think I still have a chance to get seedlings?

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